There are three aspects to this project. It’s entirely up to you how many you’d like to participate in.

  1. Everyone needs to submit a video recording of their performance.

2. You are also welcome to record a dance video.

3. You are invited to film yourself on location.

Setting up for your performance

Set up your recording space. Make sure we can see your face and you playing the instrument. Remember, no hand held recording! Please ensure there is NO BACKGROUND NOISE. Find a quiet space with good lighting so you can see your music and we can see you on camera. Please check the sound on your device before sending. Remember to use headphones, ear phones or AirPods so we only hear your part! As mentioned above, it’s a great idea to do a ‘test recording’ first, watch and listen back to ensure everything sounds and looks good.

When you are finished, please bow to the camera.

Recording the Dance Video

When recording the dance video, please record so we can hear the music in the background. You need to make sure we can see your full frame in the video, especially your feet! It’s a good idea to do a practise recording to check the sounds is okay. 

Don’t worry about extra footage before or after you record, we can cut this out. 

Filming on location – show us where you are from!

You are invited to film yourself in a location that that shows what you love and where you are. This is a world-wide collaboration so the more variety and diversity we can represent, the better. Mountains, oceans, landscapes or city-scapes. Show us your corner of the world and what makes it special to you as we observe your play the piece. 

For this you don’t have to use click track, and it can be from memory. Just your favourite 8 or 16 bars.

Here are some top tips from our videographer John Jordan:

1. Horizontal video please – no vertical video. If you use a phone, turn it sideways. The frame should be wide, not tall. 

2. Use the best resolution you can. Most phones film in 4K now. At least use 1080. If frame rate is an option, 24 fps(frames per second) is preferred. 

3. Avoid a bright background where you are in silhouette. (We want to see you!)

4. Proper Exposure. Make sure it’s not too dark, but also not super bright. Even lighting makes a HUGE difference. 5. Make sure you are in focus

6. Lock it down! Tripod, monopod or selfie stick, just make it a still shot that doesn’t move. Avoid handheld – keep the camera steady!

7. Compose the frame. We should be able to see you clearly in the frame but you are encouraged to take artistic license to showcase your surroundings. 

8. Pad the Edit. At the open and close, hold your position for a good ten seconds for editing purposes. 

9.  Curtain Call. We would love for you all to take a subtle bow to the camera at the very end, once you’ve held for ten seconds. I think it’s a nice touch. Thanks!